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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gunung Mulu Sarawak; World Heritage

Mulu is one of the World Heritage Area that is located in Sarawak, Borneo. There was no taxis, buses, highway to Mulu. But you can take a boat from Marudi, using four-wheel-drive vehicle, or 30 minutes flying with Maswings, daily flights from Miri to Mulu and three times each week from Kuching. There were four show caves you can visit, Deer Cave, Langs Cave in the evening, Clearwater Cave and Wind Cave in the morning. Visitor are not permitted to enter any of the caves within the Park without a Licensed Park Guide.

For those who want overnight adventure, you can go to The Summit mountain which is around 40m above sea level rising to the Summit at 2,377m for 4days/3 night 24km walk, and The Pinnacles Trail of Gunung Api and Benarat. Mulu's Pinnacles tower above the surrounding lancscape, some reaching heights of 40-50metres and very sharp.

Royal Mulu Resort
Flight operated by Maswing, subsidary of Malaysia Airlines System (MAS)

Mulu Resort Swimming Pool

The 3-wheeler, owned by Mulu Resort to transport you to the surrounding area
Mulu Resort accomodations

High land not far from Mulu Resort

Super Natural lanscape
On the way to Clearwater and Wind cave. You can stop for a while at Penan village and take a look on how their lifestyles

Inside the Cave

What in your mind?

On the way to Wind Cave

Entrance of Wind Cave

The bats get out from the Deer cave in a huge quantity group by group for food. Picture taken at 05.48pm

Inside the Deer Cave

Entrance of the Deer Cave
The Pinnacles, razor sharp stone
The Garden Of Eden.

For more information about Mulu World Heritage and reservations, visit

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sunset & Sunrise Scenery

Pictures below are my sunset scenery collections, captured from my digital camera NIKON COOLPIX S570. Event hough my digital camera outdated nowadays, still I love all the picture captured by its NIKKOR 5X lens.

Captured from Asean Bridge, Kuala Baram river, Miri. Time:1832hrs

Time: 1843hrs

Yup.. its me.
Lutong Highway Beach 1826hrs

Lutong highway beach, dating at 1813hrs before we got our 1st baby.

Lutong Highway Beach. Time; 1827hrs with our son; Elmer Ruel

This sunset captured from Marina Bay, Miri. Time: 1710hrs. Storm will hit soon.

Lutong Highway Beach Time: 1838hrs

This picture was taken on the way home after inspecting an oil tanker vessel behind. Time 1825hrs

This is not a sunset, but sunrise at 0649hrs. Captured from Immigration Quarters Sg. Tujoh Miri.

This is also Sunrise captured from Asean Bridge 0706hrs, another side of the bridge.

For those who are intrested with any of pictures above, please do not hesitate to email me. Available in 4000 x 3000 dimensions. TQ

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Miri City

Miri City captured from River

My Mom & Dad on top of the Canada Hill, Miri
Take a look also for my photos of the On Board Oil Tanker Vessel